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Junior Monarch tent starts June 17

AFTER A HIGH quality preliminary round, which resulted in what has been the highest number of entries in a junior calypso competition for the last 4 years, the 2012 Scotiabank Junior Calypso Monarch contenders going forward to the  semi-finals will use two specially designed tents to tune up.

Twelve junior calypsonians along with one reserve in the 8 to 12 category and thirteen from the 13 to 18 age category will journey to the Princess Margaret School in St. Philip on June 17th and to Combermere School on June 24th at 6:00 p.m. each night for the Junior Calypso Monarch tents. NCF’s Cultural Officer for Music Organisations and Producer of the Junior Monarch Competition Stephen Brathwaite, stated that the tents are designed to provide the performance opportunity for the juniors leading up to the semifinals. He further stated that following the Easter camp where industry professionals such as Red Plastic Bag, Don Marshall, Chrystal Cummins-Beckles and Jennifer Sealy provided development workshops for the young calysonians, the tents will provide the execution and testing of the skills garnered by the juniors.

Scotiabank, after a long association with this event, has again confirmed its support for the juniors with the sponsorship of the competition for another year.

The semi-finalists in the 8 to 12 category are Tashanna “Minnie” Bute singing The Drums; Trevon “Mighty King” Callender- Stop the Discrimination; Moesha “ Mighty Princess” Elder- Making Time for Your Children; Alisha “AG” Gaskin-Small- Striking and Sweeping; Jazz “Jazz-Z” Gittens- Cricket; Jeanie “G Baby” Graham- Hot Water; Jade “Jade” Grant- Raise Your Flag; Raanan “Raanan” Hackett- De New Raanan; Lianna “Black Beauty”- Driving Mad; Winette “Blossom”- Sound Education; Asher “Dynamo” Murrell- Use Wisdom; Quinn “Quinn P” Prescott- Ah Come to You Shango Man and Reniqua “Blossom” Lyte-Griffith- Poor People.

In the 13 to 18 age category, the semi-finalists are Aisha “Mandisa” Butcher with My Advice; Anita “AC” Charles- Ya Can’t Beat Me Again; Aziza “Lil Az”- Black Woman Rising; Rabiah “Small One” Clarke- Stop The Bullying; Moesha “Nubian Princess”- You Do Dat in Front of We; Ashley “Queen Ashe” Green- Looka How Yuh Change; Ariel “Ari G” John- Stand Up; Kade “Young Dia” Mascoll- Pray; Jason “Jamoon” Moore- Just Hold On; Adela “Adela” Payne- Guide Me; Bernice “Niecee” Roach- Blackberry Sheep; Xaria “Mhizz-Z” Spooner- Education; Tia “T Girl” Yarde- I am H.I.V.

Consequently, festival-goers will have the opportunity to see a sleuth of talent outside the competition events of the semis and finals which will come off on June 13th at the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre and July 21st at the Garfield Sobers Gymnasium respectively.


Junior Monarch Calypso Competition Preliminaries Results 2012

8-12 Category

Tashanna  Bute                                                 Minnie                                                The Drums

Trevon Callender                                             Mighty King                                      Stop The Discrimination

Moesha Elder                                                    Mighty Princess                              Make Time For Your Children

Alisha Gaskin-Small                                               AG                                               Striking and Sweeping

Jazz Gittens                                                        Jazz-Z                                                  Cricket

Jeanie Graham                                                  G Baby                                                Hot Water

Jade Grant                                                          Jade                                                     Raise Your Flag

Raanan Hackett                                                Raanan                                               De New Raanan

Lianna Ifill                                                            Black Beauty                                    Driving Mad

Winette Millington                                          Blossom                                             Sound Education

Asher Murrell                                                    Dynamo                                             Use Wisdom

Quinn Prescott                                                  Quinn P                                              Ah Come To You Shango Man



Reniqua Lyte-Griffith                                     Blossom                                             Poor People


8-13 Category

Aisha Butcher                                                    Mandisa                                             My Advice

Anita Charles                                                     AC                                                        Ya Can't Beat Me Again

Aziza Clarke                                                        Lil Az                                                    Black Woman Rising

Rabiah Clarke                                                     Small One                                          Stop The Bullying

Moesha Daniel                                                  Nubian Princess                              You Do Dat In Front Of We

Ashley Green                                                    Queen Ashé                                     Looka How Yuh Change

Ariel John                                                            Ari G                                                    Stand Up

Kadé Mascoll                                                     Young Dia                                          Pray

Jason Moore                                                      Jamoon                                              Just Hold On

Adela Payne                                                       Adela                                                  Guide Me

Bernice Roach                                                   Niecee                                                Blackberry Sheep

Xaria Spooner                                                    Mhizz-Z                                              Education

Tia Yarde                                                              T Girl                                                    I am H.I.V.

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