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Jones and Wuk Up the new dance craze

Jones and Wuk Up the new dance craze

EVEN IF YOU WERE not one of the several soca lovers at Brewster’s Road on the 18th June when Lil Rick first performed Jones & Wuk Up, those who were present made sure that no one was left out of the mix. Within seconds of introducing the new single and dance, several audience members could be seen pulling out video recorders, cell phones and any device which bore a video camera which could be used to capture his performance.

Within minutes, several recordings of the performance made its way onto facebook and youtube and talk of a new dance craze quickly spread across the internet. In less than two months, the video has amassed over 65,000 views. For those of you who haven’t yet figured out either how to Jones, Wuk Up or Jones and Wuk Up we decided to share some videos with you of the dance. After all, the first signs of Jonesing originated in the Pyramid camp with Peter Ram and label mate Lil Rick has now added his own flavour to the already popular dance.

Jones and Wuk up is a fusion of the movement of Jonesing (quick hand movements) and “wukking up” ( a gyrating waistine movement popularly associated with persons of Bajan descent). Click here to view the video.

Guh round de bend and go tell ya friend…….Jones and wuk up!!