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IT WAS BECOMING increasingly apparent that when Ramases Browne sat down to write, beautiful words flowed out of his pen – and he didn’t just write for himself. He was among the few soca artistes in 1998 who wrote for other big name acts. In that year alone he was the strong, quiet force behind smash hits like “In the Meantime” for Allison Hinds & Square One. Once again as he emerged from Chambers Studios under Nicholas Branker’s watchful eye, the song had ‘hit’ written all over it.

“In the Meantime” made a clean sweep of the Party Monarch and Road March titles and proved to be just as big a hit at London’s Notting Hill Carnival and New York’s Labour Day celebrations. Still some were not convinced. Ramases the performer was still a work in progress but Ramases the writer had finally come of age. Trini soca sexpot Destra sang his hugely popular “Sex Appeal” and “Jump Start De Party” – written for Tony Prescod - shot to number one on the WLIB Charts.

In 2000 the marriage of Ramases’ writing skills and his prowess as a performer was finally consummated when Double Platinum Award Winning Producer Derek Brin produced “Stamina”. The heavy bass beat and catchy chorus ensured that the song remained in the top five Carnival tunes as Ramases toured New York, Boston, the U.K. and Trinidad & Tobago. During this tour he worked with Machel Montano & Xtatik – sealing the fact that as a writer and a soca artiste Ramases had ‘arrived’.

Never one to forget the people who’s love of his music propelled his career Ramases entered the 2002 Party Monarch Competition with a track from his first album “Unite” and placed an impressive fifth out of 20 contestants. By now Ramases was more of a family man, dedicating the track ‘Smile’ on his second album “Action” to his three year old daughter Znia. But there seems to be no stopping the now energetic performer who has worked hard at polishing his image and raising the bar in his combination of songwriting skills and stage presence. In 2004 it was back on the road, this time to tour with Krosfyah at New York’s Labour Day and Miami Carnivals. The Eric Lewis produced “Spellbound” held strong in the number two position of songs for the festival.

What is there left to do when you’ve proven you’ve got what it takes? You join forces with other talented people and create more beautiful music. So for Barbados’ Crop Over festival 2005 it was all about the girls – Ramases, Styles P and hugely popular radio DJ Malcolm X teamed up to bring us “Gal.” But even as this star continues to rise the self confessed fitness fanatic has clearly not forgotten what it feels like to be a young, upcoming entertainer so he gave relatively unknown producer Sebastian Legall a chance to produce the track and the chance paid off. The song maintains a strong position at number three on the Hott 95.3 charts.

Continuing in the spirit of collaboration Ramases’ producers for the season read like a who’s who of local and international production talent. With young Sebastian also producing “Music”, Darron Grant lent his touch to “Good to Go”, Eric Lewis produced “Summertime” and “Temptress” featuring Troy Special and the award winning team of Ramases on lyrics & Derek Brin creating the rhythm and behind the controls the sweet ragga soca track “Carnival Again” has taken the party scene by storm. DJ’s and club goers alike just can’t get enough.

One would think that with this obvious talent, discipline and dedication to his craft the November born artiste would have no time to perfect nothing else. Yet in his downtime he surfs off Barbados’ treacherous North Coast; dotes on daughter Znia and even finds time to dabble in the culinary arts. Ladies this unmarried gym buff is also a wine connoisseur who appreciates a good movie. Sounds like a great package? Well at this point when we think of Ramases’ gilded pen and honeyed pipes all we can say is “Oh gosh, it’s Carnival again!”